when it tilts...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

it's when everything shifts and the world tilts in a dizzingly familiar way that all those old fears come back.

when the new slides back to old and you wonder what on earth He could possibly be doing.

and really, even if you did know, you might not understand because His ways are always higher, just like His thoughts are always His and all He is asking is that you trust.

because even when everything changes,

He doesn't.

He doesn't change.

why is it always so very hard for this heart to grasp that simple truth?

they get it, those three little ones of mine all tucked in their beds,

as we sit in a circle come morning time and sing our song that goes through the days of the week;

as we sing about this day that He has made,

just like we sang yesterday that He made that one too.

He's unchangeable,

even as life whirls around us and leaves us wide eyed.

He's an anchor that can hold us steady.

anything else that i cling to,

anything else i claim as security and strength crumbles in my hands as the temporal gives way to the mirage that it all really is.

nothing is sure but Him.

can i trust that?

can i really trust that?

can i trust that to say yes to a Wild and Unpredictable and Loving God means the very best for me, for us?

can i trust that when i step onto the path He has laid out before me, full of questions and fears, that He truly does hem us in behind and before and every step i take,

is taken with Him.

Very God walks with crumbly dust and He won't leave me, won't forsake us because we are engraved into His Hands.

yes, the earth may tremble beneath these feet of mine,

walls may give way,

but i wonder,

when everything crumbles around us,

is it all making way for the new things He is doing?

could that be the moment we are surrounded by those streams rushing through all the dry places deep inside?

so, let Him move what is underneath you,

let it tremble and break open into all the new ways He longs to love and lead you...

and trust Him,

because He Who Is, is true and sure and nothing can move One So Strong.