when it needs to be quiet, but you want to know if you won...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

it's only opened up in the last day or so, this website that hosts this little blog.

it didn't seem to be the case for everyone; just a small, select few,

but i am realizing that He may have had a Hand in it, after all.

this past weekend was big for us,

very much a roller-coaster of emotions that stretched and strengthened and in which He proved Himself in ways that i am still completely dumbfounded over.

so for the rest of the week, this little space will remain quiet.

but, because i promised a drawing and a reveal on the 27th which never happened and i wrote on the 28th anyways...

and then when my screen went blank on the 29th and didn't open up again until last night, i thought, just maybe, i should reveal the winner at least to the ones who entered.

so, if you want, you can click here  and scroll all the way to the bottom to see who the sweet winner is.

and may these last few days before the Very Best Day, be filled with quiet and reflection as you think on Him.

happy Easter, dear friends.