letting go...{day 1}

Thursday, November 1, 2012

there's a tree that hangs low over the road if you keep going around our loop.

i thought it was a maple.

turns out i was wrong.

walnuts cover the road under those leaves, under our tires and they crack open as the weight of us pass over and shatter those shells..

and it hits me as the sun is beginning to set, they've let go...

this strong and sturdy tree has produced hundreds of encased possibilities and instead of hanging on tightly to what is "rightfully" part of it, taken from it's very own DNA, it allows them to drop.

and how many of those nuts are now wasted?  will never amount to anything other than dust and powder and quickly be swept away by the elements...

but there are the few, the ones carried by the wind or little woodland things and even swooped down and carried away by those birds way up high.

who knows where they will take root?

and it's there, in black and white on tissue thin pages that i read what my first step is on this path of letting go...

the Lord said to samuel, "how long will you grieve over saul...?"
1 sam 16: 1a

how long will you grieve?

grieve over lost loved ones, broken relationships, unfixable moments and unmet expectations...

how. long?

and like samuel, sent on a mission to search for a king, He has given me my own holy moment to find - but i need to be willing to take the first step.  to put down my mantel of grief and follow where He leads.

and it all begins with a free fall of letting go...