when you need to let go...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

it was on that same front step last night that he spoke to me honestly.

looked into my eyes and said that he felt one of the biggest traps i'm falling into is keeping both feet in two separate spaces.

i need to make a choice.

and over and over and over again over these last two months or so, it keeps coming up:

what is Jesus asking you to let go of?

it hurts. deep down-in-my-gut hurts.  because to let go, to open my hands fully is an act of surrender.

and am i ready?

october seems to be the month for 31 days of... and last year i opted for the month of november instead.  made november my month of here.

i wasn't sure if i would do another. it's suddenly trendy, and i'm anything but.


in the face of startling clarity last night, when that one last thing broke my non-existent camel's back, and when i finally opened up to the possibility that in order for the new to be possible i may have to give up the old, an idea began to take shape.

so, i'll run with it...or write with it...i read somewhere once that pencils have eyes - and i'm pretty sure that keyboards do too.  and in order to see where He is leading me, the haze on the other side of that door needs to clear a bit. and that involves some action on my part...

november 1st will begin my 30 days of letting go...

maybe you'd care to join me?