letting go...{day 14}

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

how do you write about a moment holy?

a moment miraculous and stunning?

they were just a small handful of women who showed up with a dinner to share.  they had prepped and planned and cooked for the set number given and they lined up behind that counter and lifted lids and took saran wrap off of pans and they waited for the prayer to be said.

the room was packed, each table crammed full and from where i could see, even more kids lining the hallway.  i didn't even think, i just bowed my head with everyone else and waited for our table to be called.

i watched these women as i waited - how their faces were warm with smiles and joy;  how each plate was filled and each child was loved on and how good the food smelled.

it wasn't until i was out in the hallway, waiting in the back of the line that i noticed - two extra rooms had been opened up so that everyone there could be filled.

i still didn't think much of it, as i tried to balance two plates in one hand and guide my girls down the line making sure they didn't drop their own.  thanked the sweet girl who took elias' plate balanced awkwardly against mine and made sure my three were sitting and eating when i was told what had just happened.

and it was in that moment, when seconds were being called that i found out...

these women had prepared enough for 50 people.

we had 74 walk through our doors.

and there was enough.

more than enough.

enough for some to have seconds.

and these women - they kept serving and as more children passed by, they kept trusting and when the food should have run out, they had enough and Jesus was in our midst and chicken alfredo became holy and ants-on-a-log were touched by His Hand and that rice krispie square sweetened our mouths with His Joy and how could such a simple meal ever be mundane?

i can become so sidetracked by what little i have to offer.

Jesus has allowed me to walk through hard moments, but this culture i find myself in everyday is foreign...what i have to give can seem so small.

i keep coming back to that small boy with his small offering of 5 loaves and 2 small fish...

that widow with only a small amount of flour, a small amount of oil...

it all seems to begin with something small.

and something small let go into the Hands of God can suddenly feed multitudes, can keep pouring out as long as is needed.

when we let go of our little,

He can do the miraculous.