letting go...{day 9}

Friday, November 9, 2012

letting go doesn't mean that one has given up.

doesn't mean that one has lost hope.

it means that the eyes have shifted from what this moment holds, to what Jesus could be doing behind it all.

it's been said how many times before: that every story has two sides and more than ever i am finding out that one side is what i see before me and the other is what He is doing all around me.

letting go doesn't give up hope - it captures more of it.

i let a bit more of my life-story go this afternoon,

released it into a quiet coffee shop and a broken heart sitting across from me.

she spoke out the words, everyone tells me to wait for the best, but how can i get the best if i'm not one of the "best"?

letting go releases hope into the one who needs to hear His Hope the most.

it reminds a hurting and broken world, community, young woman that He died for us all and that it doesn't matter whether we see ourselves as the best or not - He gave His Best to heal what's been shattered deep in us and He is enough.

He's enough.

letting go is letting go of that search for that perfect self, the perfect family, the perfect parent, the perfect friendship, relationship, spouse.

because Jesus says He is all of those things for us - and when we take the pressure off of others around us, we can love them and live for Him well.

and like those rain clouds that started pouring as her tears were on her face, letting go of the search finds us filling up with more of Him to be emptied out for Him only to find ourselves full of Him once again.

it all comes back to Jesus

and how He fills my emptying hands...