when it's been three years...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

the snow fell today, quiet and soft...

i lit a candle in my kitchen window as i turned the pages of that old and worn prayer book;

found the day marked with this day

and everything that it holds.

it's been three years since he walked out that door...

three years and we didn't even know he had walked into heaven's glory.

and those words, words penned around 400 years ago...

they still hold truth in their cry to Emmanuel - God with us - and i lifted my voice up in the quiet of the falling snow...

ah, God! Behold my grief and care. Fain would i serve Thee with a glad
and cheerful countenance, but i cannot do it.

however much i fight and struggle against my sadness, 
i am too weak for this sore conflict. help me in my weakness,
o Thou Mighty God!

and give me Thy Holy Spirit to refresh and comfort me in my sorrow.
amid all my fears and griefs i yet know that i am Thine in life and death,
and that nothing can really part me from Thee;
neither things present, nor things to come,
neither trial, nor fear, nor pain.

and therefore, o Lord, i will still trust in Thy grace.
Thou wilt not send me away unheard.
sooner or later Thou wilt lift this burden from my heart, 
and put a new song in my lips;

and i will praise Thy goodness and thank and serve Thee here
and forevermore ~

s. scheretz (1584-1639)

dad - for those few short years you called me daughter, thank you. i miss you. more than words can say...