nothing is wasted...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

you have been grace to me.

from the moment we sat for those three hours and talked away that class i didn't really want to go to anyways until i stood up 6 months later in cool mountain air,

and you remained kneeling,

you have been His grace.

i just didn't always see it.

i don't know if you can ever truly know how you have cupped this heart of mine and protected and nurtured and loved me into the woman i am today.

there aren't enough words to say how thankful i am to you

for packing that picnic basket

12 years ago today -

for finding the perfect spot at the base of that mountain,

with snow still on the ground,

and for taking that chance on the girl so broken

and loving her into the half of us i am.

oh tony, i love you.

for every road we've walked together, for every detour and dead end that we thought would shatter us, i have learned with you that nothing is wasted when we trust in the One Who takes our broken places and causes beauty, His beauty, to bloom.

thank you.  thank you for asking and for being so very confident i would say yes.

i love you.


(the grace series will begin quietly tomorrow...)