sparkle-y diamonds...

Monday, February 9, 2009

my dear sister, becky over at abba stories gave me an award that i feel so undeserving of, but feel so encouraged by.

yes, this has been a tough week.

yes, i've almost had success with potty training a certain miss lyla mae, until today when the potty was completely boy-cotted.

patience, kimberley...patience.

yes, i've felt overwhelmed. not only with sheer loneliness, but with worry over my dad b., worry over my husband, 1000 miles away, wishing that i could be there to help and support and be surrounded by the family i love so dearly.

and yet, i have loved these moments with my girls. even the ones that i thought were going to drive me completely batty. seriously. there were times when i had to go and sit in the bathtub with the door closed (because thankfully, my girls still haven't figured out how to the open the door yet...) and just breathe for a couple of minutes.

i have fallen in love all over again with my little girls and i'm loving how much lyla loves the thought of having both a brother and a sister...though, i'm not sure where she is getting the idea that the boy baby is growing in my left breast...hmmm.

anywho, after all that, i would like to pass this award on to 3 people (is that allowed?)

the first is for lola - the prairie mama. lola has uprooted her home numerous times and despite the challenges of doing so with 2 sweet baby girls and the feelings of moving back to a place she moved away from, she is striving to live her life to please her Heavenly Father. i have been so encouraged by reading her writing and i look forward to the time when we can actually sit down and have a cup of tea on my couch. seriously, lola - we need to figure something out!:)

the second is for another dear sister of mine - kristyn at avery's attic. i have always viewed kristyn as a beautiful and amazingly strong woman, but it wasn't until almost a year and a half ago when she was faced with a devestating circumstances that the true depth of her character came shining through. i have never been more proud and more thankful than i have been in this time to call her not only my sister, but my friend. if anyone is tough under pressure, it's definitely this one.

the third award goes to fern over at my life, His design. though we had lived in the same town for a number of years, our paths never crossed until one evening standing outside a starbuck's that my husband was managing. it took awhile again for us to actually get together for coffee, but there was a definite *click* that seems to happen between two people destined to become friends. reading fern's journey of trust and faith is not only humbling, but inspiring. i love to read how God is making fern's story one of beauty as she is going through a time of pressure.

thank you again, becky for thinking of me after you were given this award. if your husband hadn't have given it to you first, i would be giving it right back...because with all the pressure you are facing right now, your diamond is sparkling!!