Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 years ago, i received a phone call that shook me.  shook my faith, my beliefs, my security.  i was left broken and confused.  confused as to what His plan was for the lives of those involved.

5 months ago today, the door opened, a choice was made and my world once again tipped the wrong way and everything became unbalanced.


a word i have come to learn to embrace, despite it's power to drown, it also has the power to make one look up, to reach up for the Hand of the One Who is reaching down.

today, the promise that i was given as i drove down the I-5 with tears pouring down my face was made real.  a father to the fatherless.  a husband to the husbandless.  dignity that was shattered has been restored.

because of this, i can't help but believe that the grief that entered our lives 5 months ago will have a purpose.  beauty will rise from the ugliness of the ashes.  it will.  i believe that it will.  i have to believe that it will...

He has proved Himself so faithful countless times already...

~God has promised that His grace will be given according to our need and that not only will we survive by the skin of our teeth, if we trust Him and hang on to Him for dear life - grieving, yes, but as those who have hope - we will also thrive again. we can give ourselves to something greater than painlessness. we can give ourselves to purpose.  if we cooperate, good will indeed come to us and others around us, and glory will most assuredly come to God.  otherwise, He would have forbidden the tragedy.~  beth moore