on the eve...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

on the day before the day i've been trying to ignore the approach of, i have found myself easily moved to tears.  not surprising.  i'm facing a day that holds a significant amount of loss.

i woke up from a morning nap that found me clinging to the open pages of my bible, my final words in prayer before sleep overtook me still echoing in my mind; "please fill me.  please take out the ugly and fill me with your beauty.  i'm so broken.  so broken...but still come near and fill me..."

i came out and sat down to read while i ate my lunch.

and this is where i was led.

my dear, dear friend.  whether i know you or not, please, please take the time to read this.  take the time to be reminded that though you may feel ripped and torn, you aren't.  take the time to count the 153.  take the time to wonder in the knowledge that He calls you to come near Him.  after the dark, lonely night, He waits for you.  for me.

and while we come to Him, exhausted and weary, He supplies the supplies.  He has already prepared the feast, we just need to make the choice to step out of the boat in faith...again...and come near.