i was asked...part 2, take 2...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

two weeks ago, i received an email in my inbox from the editor of "high calling blogs" asking that if i was chosen, would i give them permission to feature my blog in an upcoming "around the network" post.

i was elated just to be considered, not really thinking that i was going to be chosen.

then, this past week i received the email letting me know that i in fact had been chosen and that they had picked this post to highlight.

i am truly honored and thankful.

and if i'm going to be honest, more than a little giddy.

thank you, david and the team at high calling blogs, for seeing something of worth in this little corner.

and thank you to those who continue to read what i write.

i am blessed.

you can click over here to read the feature.