he thinks...

Monday, January 3, 2011

he's too big for the high chair.

he isn't right...

just for the record.

so he waits for the right moment.

he knows that his sisters will sound the alarm if, heaven forbid, he climbs onto the table.

he stalks food.

their  food in particular.

so he waits.

for the sisters 2 to finish and leave the table,

for his mama to be preoccupied with cleaning up.

and then, he makes his move...

he knows, oh my he knows he has his mama wrapped around his tiny, ketchup covered fingers.

elias, one of my suppliers of the never ending gift of thanks...

75* for grace, forgiveness and the sweet mending of hurt.

76* making it through a hard year...for 8 wonderful years of memories with a father and God's faithfulness through it all.

77* guidelines for the words i speak from a mama's heart through her girl.

78* coming to the end of myself and finding Him there.

79* for sweet christy, a husband who still dates me, new clothing and a good day after too many sad ones.

80* for the delight olivia found in sharing her yogurt with elias and the grand mess it made.

81* for tony sitting in the middle of the floor and playing "duck, duck, goose" with his girls.

82* that he has such a fun sense of humor.

83* for a long drive and the long talk and the realization that He spoke to both of us about the exact. same. thing.

84* for the plan and the strength and that He supplies both.

85* for a fresh year.

86* for snuggles in jammies and brushing their hair.

87* for lattes.

88* for the friend who placed an old book of prayers in my hands and that the inscribed giver's name was john.  and that he gave it with love...circa 1953.

89* for finally, finally finishing a journal after 21 tries...