an image...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the picture took me back to that warm fall day...

i still remember what liv looked like playing on the slide as i held my boy close to my chest.

not even 3 months old, head still needing the support of my hand.

that's how this new year feels.



not yet able to stand on it own...

not even sure how to hold hope high.

but He does.

He cradles this year in the palm of His Hand.

His hand that split the red sea in two.

that caused the blind to see and gave life back to a daughter who died...

the year behind me has breathed its last.

the newest one is open and wild with possibility that i know nothing about.

and i can't help but smile as i think of His promise, His reassurance on this crazy adventure i find myself on...

He knows.

oh, He knows and i can breathe in that promise.

even as i leave address and phone number empty on pages that need filling.

the I AM says I know

and i allow myself to be wrapped up in His assurance.

this coming year holds promise.

on the other side of the hardest days of grief, i can see it now...

(photo credit: the fabulous lola)