i read it...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

this morning in the moments before i rushed out the door.

i pasted the link to my facebook page and thought of it throughout the chaotic morning.

a morning of driving from one spot to the next.

of filling up with gas and with coffee.

driving in a place where the street numbers are getting to be more familiar and my breath still catches when i remember that we are never. going. back.

as i walked under a cloud of pink flowers and olivia gripped my hand tight.

as i danced in the front seat to the beat of the music turned loud to keep elias awake and laughing.

as i watched lyla run, giggling with love, into the arms of her daddy that she loves so deeply and who works so very hard so i can stay home with the precious 3.

5 months ago i watched everything crumble away.

life became as dark as the grave and i never thought i would see life or light again.

but today...today is another day that is proof that life sprouts from what seems dead.

yes, we who love the Jesus Who died to give us life, we are the resurrection people and we walk in the truth that out of death comes life.


please read this if you are hurting today and everything seems to have broken around you...