do you...

Friday, August 19, 2011

does this day find you feeling lost?

maybe uprooted?

possibly even a little bit bewildered?

have you driven down a freeway with tears streaming down your face as you miss your exit? does the seat beneath you cradle you as you find yourself bent over that old steering wheel in a crowded parking lot as all your questions and fears and emotions find a voice in the loss of your own?

do you hear the sweet, happy sounds in the voices of your children as they giggle over whispered secrets as they sit oblivious to the broken pieces falling one by one in front of them?

did you hear Him sing over you?  in that song you more often turn off then listen to all the way through.  do you realize that He is there? that when you feel the most lost, the most displaced, the most overwhelmed, He. is. there.

oh dear one...He. is. there.

and He won't leave...

never will I leave you, never will i forsake you...


and when it's all gone, when it has all been taken away and even if those closest to you turn their backs...

He, very God Himself, will take you in.

can you remember, in the midst of the pain, in the soul-wrenching grief, that He promises to be there?  that while you may feel completely lost and like you will never find home...He knows *exactly* where you are.

you aren't lost in a sea of crowded faces.

you may take some wrong turns, miss a few exits...but He sees the detours and waits to guide your steps.

you may question where you ended up...where He placed you.

but He knows the reasons, the background...

the outcome.

He knows, He's here, He isn't leaving.

can you trust this today?

i'm trying to desperately...