dear tony,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

it's 1 am and you are breathing deeply beside me.

my eyes are wide open listening to your slumber and sleep won't come because my heart is full.

the close of this week is full of new opportunities, new experiences, new moments.

but the close of this week echoes with finality,

and i know how heavily this must weigh.

you store up my posts here to read in one sitting and i'm not sure when this one will get read,

but i want to say thank you for how you have stretched open my heart.

how by just being you, strangers become friends.

six months ago we moved to this town unknown to everyone but each other.

but how our smiles widen now because of stephanie and sergio, todd and the wendys and liam.

how you have always done this - opened your heart up to those that work with you.

how my life is richer because of rachel and erika and candace and the drew's.

you have taught me, by just being who you are, to be open and vulnerable.

you have taught me the rich lessons of choosing others over myself.

i think of how boring and dull our lives could quiet and plain.

and there are moments, if i am to be completely honest, that quiet. sounds. nice.

but i watch you, as you interact with others.

how you don't take yourself too seriously.

how hard you work,

the time spent in prayer,

how deeply you care...

and i wouldn't have it any other way,

regardless of how change hurts.

thank you for how hard you work,

for how deeply you love,

for the example you give to our children,

and for giving us to the chance to love others with you.

i am so proud of you, tony.

there aren't enough words to tell you how much.

and i'm cheering for you on the sidelines, praying for you as you take the new steps.

and falling deeper in love with you every day.

i love you always.

~ your kimby