the month of here {day27}...sunday evenings

Sunday, November 27, 2011

i sit at the table surrounded by books and papers and notes.

i prepare for a new school week and her.

if we had never packed up our life and moved it all south, i never would have found myself here.

and while it's not for everyone and our school days are far from perfect,

liv and elias wrestle for cars and shout loud at each other,

random questions are asked that have nothing to do with the subject at hand,

and sometimes this mama feels slightly out of her league.

but she has such a quick mind that grasps so much,

and a memory that rivals her father's.

i smile because we learn the same

and so far love the same subjects.

we snuggle on the couch with our read-alouds and sit at the table with the flash cards and math.

she laughs at the silly science experiments and ponders those vikings and cave men and henry VIII.

and quiet sunday evenings find me at the kitchen table preparing for another week of learning ahead, preparing to invest even more into her life.

i am so proud of my lyla and her determined spirit.  her joy and love of learning...

of the way she teaches me to be more patient and compassionate.

we're doing okay, her and i and i wouldn't trade these days for anything.

and i give thanks on this twenty-seventh day of this month that finds us here...and that every moment has the possibility to teach.