the month of here {day26} 600th post

Saturday, November 26, 2011

i began this blog in may, 2006.

and like i've stated so many times since then, the purpose was to let those living far away join in on the journey we had begun when we became parents.

lyla was only 5 months old.

how can she be almost 6?

five and a half years worth of posts that hold everything from the ridiculously funny to the moments that ripped my life completely apart.

and He has been so faithful through it all,

even when i have screamed the hard questions at Him,

when i have been too distraught to pray,

when life has been easy and i forget how desperate my need is for Him,

even then.

i think of that tiny apartment where i first loaded those pictures,

of the six moves since,

of the 2 added babies,

and the love that has grown deeper.

600 posts ago, i never would have pictured myself here.

i don't think i would have wanted to picture myself here...

but as we drove around this evening, looking at homes all sparkling with lights, we looked at each other in wonder.

it still hits us, this feeling that we are home.

this feeling that after everything He allowed...

the hurt and the pain and what i thought was literally going to destroy us,

that He was right, those 11 months ago.

when i asked for a word for the coming year,

and He gave me two instead.

He knew the plan He had for our lives, plans to prosper and not to harm.  to give us a hope and a future.

i couldn't see it, back there in the middle of the pain.

i don't know if i could have seen it those 600 posts ago.

but i see it now.

i do.

and i give Him all the glory and praise.

and i give thanks on this twenty-sixth day that finds me here...and for His faithfulness through it all.