landing places...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

he gathered me up in his arms this evening,

cradled me like a small child

and rocked me while i sobbed.

and i wonder if the pain will ever lessen...

i stood at our front door this evening,

the one that i had closed and locked up with my own hands,

rested my forehead against it and let the tears come.

so much grief,

so many hurts

all safely held in the love of ones who welcome us in.

and it's a contrast that leaves me feeling broken,

as that 4th candle lit on the advent wreath flickers brave

and whispers of love...

and it's been swirling in my mind since that extra day that He gave,

the one that He surprised me with on a day of this month i would just rather skip...

how when He came, Almighty God wrapped up in vulnerable flesh,

He came to welcome us in.

The One Who already had His chosen people

made a way for the unloved, the rejected and the forgotten.

He made a way that was forged by Sacrifice ~ His very own Life,

 first cradled in a feeding trough,

so that the unwanted could know

they had worth to Him.

the word love, so often overused and misapplied in so many ways,

takes on a different hue on this evening that has me broken and aching...

 my eyes catch the subtle gleam...

His love that came to save

also came to provide worth.


a place.

and in this season that leaves my heart so strongly caught between moments of such joy and sadness,

He gives me one more reason to cling even tighter...

in His Love, He gives me a place.

a place where i can freely come

freely receive

and always,

always ~

regardless if it is all taken away

and home is no longer where it once was ~

in Him i always have a place to land.